Make (almost) Anything (almost) Anywhere

Manufacturers, governments, and consumers are concerned about unpredictable threats disrupting society, supply chains & economies in a connected world.

Existing business models rely on costly, vulnerable, carbon-heavy supply chains.  There’s no way to harness the full power and flexibility of distributed manufacturing with a proof to standard.

What if we could build a Digital Business Platform where CreatorsProducers, and Buyers could engage in on-demand, trusted, distributed manufacturing? What if we could help Manufacturers make (almost) anything, (almost) anywhere…?

The root cause of these issues is that we don’t make products at or near the point of need anymore.

Parts and products made quickly and affordably, to a standard, are generally not available at or near the point of need.  Creators, Producers and Buyers need a secure way to engage in the commerce of on-demand production to create shock proof supply chains, lower costs and carbon, create greater profit, and allow for sustainable localized manufacturing at or near the point of need – and do it at the same level of quality, authenticity, and security of traditionally made goods.

Long supply chains aren’t only unsustainable ecologically, they are also vulnerable to pandemics, geo-politics, and meteorological events.  The NYTimes reports that “the price to transport a container from China to the West Coast of the United States costs 12 times as much as it did two years ago, while the time it takes a container to make that journey has nearly doubled….The effect is expected to worsen in the coming months.  Shipping rates typically take 12 to 18 months to fully pass through to consumer prices. “

DiMaX recombines existing Siemens’ technologies onto a Digital Business Platform and 3-sided marketplace that unlocks trusted, localized on-demand production. The exchange platform matches a Creator’s designs with a local Producer’s capabilities.  It allows a Customer or Buyer to search for a product and then select a qualified Producer to make the product based on user defined criteria (cost, distance, delivery time, or carbon footprint). The platform coordinates the manufacturing process and certifies the product with Proof to Standard.  The platform-based exchange represents the future of industry with strong SaaS revenue model.

Instead of producing to stock and warehousing parts before shipping them (often across the world) to the point of need, the exchange platform allows a Customer to buy a trusted product that is made at or near the point of need through distributed manufacturing as a service. Every successful platform business has a repeatable transaction that brings value. The repeatable, differentiating transaction that DiMaX brings is Proof to Standard. This proof combines digital evidence with a physical fingerprint, or PUF (Physically Unclonable Function) at the product level, which ties the digital evidence back to the physical product to prove and assure the part made through a distributed manufacturing method meets the same authenticity, security, and quality standards as those made through traditional ‘ship to stock’ goods. We call these new products “Genuine Distributed Products.”