Covid is Fading, But Reshoring Isn’t

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This article from Forbes by Jim Vinoski on January 26, 2024, discusses the continuing trend of reshoring among U.S. manufacturers, driven by past supply chain disruptions and geopolitical unrest. A significant majority, 69% of U.S. manufacturers surveyed, have started reshoring their supply chains, with 94% finding success. High-profile examples like Apple moving production away from China underscore a broader shift towards diversifying supply sources and bringing manufacturing closer to home. This movement is supported by tools like the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Estimator, helping businesses analyze the financial viability…read more

Marshall Van Alstyne PhD

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Professor Van Alstyne is one of the leading experts in network business models. He conducts research on information economics, covering such topics as communications markets, the economics of networks, intellectual property, social effects of technology, and productivity effects of information. As co-developer of the concept of “two-sided networks” he has been a major contributor to the theory of network effects, a set of ideas now taught worldwide. His co-authored article on the subject is a Harvard Business Review top 50 of all time. His book, Platform Revolution, teaches newcomers how to…read more

She’s Alive!

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Welcome to dimax.cloud – the digital business platform that reconfigures the supply chain and enables on-demand manufacturing at point of need. Stay tuned for updates as we launch the service. Any questions, please use just add a comment, or write to info@dimax.cloud for more details